Apple has now ranked number third as the largest smartphones manufacturer in the world, and second in the United States according to Gartner Inc, the famous IT research and consulting firm. Thanks to its Apple’s iPhone that has able to gain much traction and market share competing against some of the original smart phone manufacturers like Nokia, Motorola and RIM (Research in Motion). However, in order to take over RIM, its closest rival that is famous for its Blackberry series, Apple Inc still need to do some more work especially to strengthen its device’s security system.

No doubt, Apple’s iPhone is very famous for its fancy (multi-touch) and multimedia centric applications that none of its rivals can compete with. These feature sets could be a very great selling point particularly in consumer market but it may not really applicable to corporate world where security and reliability are the main concerns. On the other hand, RIM has able to capture enterprise market share fast enough with the availability of BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) that can compatible and integrate seamlessly with almost any corporate organization’s email server system. On top of that, BES is enhanced with the best security standard utilizing AES and Triple DES data encryption system.

Nokia is still the largest smartphones maker in the world, dominating 45.2 percent, which is almost half of the total market share. This is followed by RIM at 13.4 percent and Apple Inc at 5.3 percent. It seems that there is a long way for Apple Inc to over take RIM, but hopefully with the upcoming release of the new iPhone firmware version 2.0, it could eventually make it more compatible and acceptable by enterprise users as a powerful business tool.