Apple has announced on the price cut of its 8GB iPhone almost immediate together with the launching of the new iPod series. The price cut of $200 is unexpected, by looking back on how well the sales and profits that Apple has able to make during the initial launch back to July. The price cut of $200, left the price point to be around $399 upset most of the buyers that bought the units two months back. Most of them had to queue overnight just to get the first hand on the gadget but ended up now the units depreciated so much.

Meanwhile, Apple has decided to remove the SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) available for 4GB which left the only 16GB SKU for commercial market, making consumers out of the selection. The reason could be due to the demand for 4GB series is not as high as 8GB and there is no point to keep it since the price reduction of existing SKU has brought the price range closer to each other.

Suspiciously, Apple may not be doing that well as forecasted before, and hopefully with the price reduction it could catch more sales volume. Some may also think that Apple could have a potential new series coming up and hence they are trying to deplete whatever stock that they have for existing models. I am sure this will affect its new iPod sales as nobody can predict if Apple will do the same trick again after another few months of new release.