Apple Inc has been doing so well with its iPhones in high end smartphone market but its computer sales seems to be slow especially in this economic situation. Just recently, a report from Gartner and IDC, the famous market research firms has revealed that the famous MacBook maker has failed to continue its momentum to push more units into consumer market.

According to the report from Gartner, Apple has just gained a mere 0.3 percent from its total market share as compared to last year that put it in the fourth position closer to Toshiba at fifth place. The first three positions are still occupied by Dell, HP and Acer respectively with Acer gaining the significant shares, around 6.2 percent thanks to its netbook series. Whereas for IDC, Apple Inc is positioned as fifth position, a mere 1 percent behind Toshiba with a market share drop of 0.9 percent as compared to last year.

One of the reasons that put Apple out of the competitive market space was due to its relatively higher selling price for its notebook series. At the cheaper price of $999 for entry level MacBook, it is still far above most of its rivals’ solutions that stay at sub $800 pricing and apparently, these notebooks series at affordable price which may carry less attractive hardware specifications are sufficient for average users in this economic situation.