Apple has recently released a patent concept of volume control detection automatically without the involvement of human being. According to the source, the audio adjustments will be done completely automatic based on the software algorithm running on its ipod or iPhone products. By having this feature implementation, it is able to prevent permanent damage to the users’ hearing capability if they are exposed too long to the loud audio environment.


The mechanism behind this concept is an intelligent software that able to detect how long the music has been playing continuously at certain volume level and once it exceeds the threshold settings, the volume control will be automatically turn on to adjust down the audio level for subsequent playing. Besides, the software will also able to determine the mute level of how long the user has stopped listening to the songs and when there is sufficient ‘rest’ time, the volume level will be increased back to its previous default level.

I am curious on how it comes out with the threshold level there are different audio volume that individual can tolerate. So, it would be even greater idea if there is a manual control capability on volume control instead of leaving it to fully automatic control. Else, you may not able to find any volume button design in future Apple’s products.