A new patent idea filed by Apple Inc recently revealed a new way of showing web browser’s history bar of visited websites in much simple view. Instead of showing in conventional list view, the new patent proposes to show all of the visited websites in more graphical tree view, making it easier for users when trying to retrieve history pages and figure out relationship among all the connected nodes.

Especially when the browsing activity is heavy that grows the history links significantly after some times, the hierarchical view of showing them will definitely benefit users as compared to linear view display. For instances, a new entered website’s address would appear as root node and those linked sites from root node would become child nodes that link back to root node under the hierarchy. Besides the URL address, it also consists of additional information such as timestamp on when the webpage was accessed so that the linkage can be tracked back sequentially. To make it more practical, the idea also defines a mechanism of how to quickly zoom in and out at any point that make the whole web browsing experience a pleasure one.

It is believed that the new patent idea will be incorporated into Apple’s upcoming Safari web browsing release that makes it a more favorable web browser in PC industry.