Apple Inc plans to release new application software that can transform its famous iPhone or iPod touch into a Wi-Fi controller to be used to control iTunes media streaming stored in the MAC OS media server PC. The new capability was hinted in the Read Me file that comes together with recently released iTunes 7.7 beta version installer.

If you aware, Apple has already filed a patent that mentioned about this remote control usage model back to year 2005. According to the filing description, it indicated that a portable multimedia player (could be iPod or iPhone in this case) that can control a media server installed with iTunes software through wireless technology and eventually stream the media contents wirelessly from the media server to a media device, such as stereo speaker or TV sets. Besides, it will able to display the details of the media files like the artist, song name and etc on the iPhone or iPod Touch’s screen for fast and friendly retrieval.

The iTunes version 7.7 will need to work with upcoming iPhone 2.0 software in order to enjoy the new benefit. All these should be available for free download from AppStore, as part of the development effort through iPhone 2.0 SDK beta 8 release.