Watching online video is definitely not fun when the connection is poor and the video keep pausing for streamlining. For better viewing, you could download the video and play it on your portable player. You can watch the video, fast forward, zoom, etc as and when you like. For easy browsing, downloading and recording, Applian Technologies offers users a free Ask & Record Toolbar to make the whole process simpler, more straightforward and even faster.

Currently in Beta version, the Applian’s Ask and Record Browser Toolbar works well with Windows OS based computers and supports both Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. The toolbar features a few instant buttons for some quick commands: Record Audio, Stop, Play, Convert and Save Video. The Record Audio feature allows users to record audio files from any site and save it into MP3 format. Whatever users can hear from the site will be recorded and captured with a click of the “Record Audio” button and thence the “Stop” button. Simple and straight forward recording!

The “Save Video” button gives users an easier way to download and save movies from those video sharing sites such as YouTube. Besides saving a copy to the local disk, users also can convert the downloaded video clips to the format supported by their player in the system. The Ask & Record has also added a simple search box in this toolbar. The search box applies the technology from and allows users to do quick browsing and get instant answers on the questions asked. For instance, type in “How old is Angelina Jolie” and will get you the correct answer instantly.

Download Applian’s Ask and Record Toolbar via the link here.