had previously given away the free license serial number for AptEdit Pro 4.5. With the release of AptEdit Pro 4.6, GOTD again offers visitors who download and install AptEdit Pro today (July 12, 2008) a free license to use AptEdit Pro for unlimited period with no restriction.

AptEdit Pro is a 32-bit, full-featured text, hexadecimal, drive, source code and HTML editor for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista comparable with UltraEdit. AptEdit can be installed on USB/FireWire flash drive or portable hard disk drive to carry around. AptEdit Pro 4.6 has the following new features and several bugs fix, on top of usual functions such as spell checker, auto-completion, visual files comparison, terminal edit, binary edit, checksum hash calculator, full Unicode support, HEX template, edit drives, seamless Web browser, and many more

  • Supports to define user data type in binary template.
  • Add “Incremental Find” in text edit window (“Search” menu).
  • Add command “Copy As HTML” in text edit window (“Edit | Copy As HTML” menu).
  • Show “Indent Guide” in text edit window (“View | Indent Guide” menu).
  • Customize toolbars (“View | Toolbars” menu).
  • Add option to control the shell menu items in Windows Explorer (“Options | General” page).
  • Add “Exit” button on the main toolbar.
  • Update files comparision tool “AptDiff”.

AptEdit Pro is normally selling for USD $44.95. To get it free, download and install by today, and then register and activate the full version product with the following license serial number (which is actually the same with the key given out on AptEdit Pro 4.5):

User name: Giveawayoftheday

For user who has problem activating the installation through server, or want to backup the software to keep for future install, just download the official AptEdit Pro setup installer from