There are quite a number of compression formats available nowadays. Different people may have different preferences and they can choose any type of compression formats which is best suited to their situation and need. However, if you are one of them who frequently download archive files with different formats from different websites, you need to have multiples archive applications installed at your computer in order to decompress and read the downloaded files. Have you ever thought to have a tool which can compress/decompress files with multiple compression formats so that you don’t need to install each of them separately? ArcThemAll is a compression tool that has combined three compression formats which are upx, zip and 7z into a single tool.


Unlike other all-in-one compression tool, ArcThemAll is freeware and you don’t even need to pay any cent to use it. No installation is required, and you can straight away using it by running the executable file. To compress files, just select folders and files which you want to compress, then select the compression format (upx, zip, 7z) and compression level (normal compression, single archive per file, single archive per folder). Once completed, click Go button to start compressing. To decompress zip or 7z files, just change the operation mode by selecting Decompress and followed by archives. On top of this, ArcThemAll allows you to encrypt zip and 7z archive. To do this, go to Options and tick for Encrypt 7z and zip archives. Other than this feature, there are some other settings that you can play around such as intelligent upx compression mode, support self-extracting archive creation and many more.

ArcThemAll is portable software that combines three compression formats into one. To have a try, just download it at here.