As an effort to promote greener environment, Asus has just unveiled a series of power efficient motherboard targeted for consumer market. Besides ability to reduce power consumption by 80 percent, these motherboards are equipped with CPU socket supporting both Intel LGA775 and AMD AM3 processors and have been specifically designed to have the lowest electromagnetic emissions in the industry.

The motherboards will be featured with Protect 3.0 with advanced anti-radiation shielding technology that can effectively filter and lower the radiation level. On the board level itself, it utilizes low-radiation components with proper circuit layout design that has able to cancel and reduce electromagnetic fields to minimum level. Besides, all these are contained within a small region via Radiation Moat Design without spreading them to other components and is claimed to have reduce EMI (Electromagnetic interference) figure by 50 percent, preventing potential harmful radiation to human body as well as interfering with other surrounding equipments unnecessarily. Besides the EMI reduction, the motherboard has also been designed with EPU (Energy Processing Unit) that can switch off unused power rails when the system is in idle mode. As the result, the total power saving can easily reach up to 80.23 percent depending on its actual usage.

No pricing and availability yet, this is definitely a right move toward greener PC industry with less CO2 generation while able to conserve electricity bill for every home and office users.