Typically Netbook has been perceived as under-powered especially when comes to handle graphics intensive and multimedia applications. If you are waiting for ‘mainstream’ netbook with relatively good hardware specification, here could be a good option that you can consider. Categorized under Asus Eee family, the newly announced 1215N series will be featured with dual-core Atom processor and what makes it more compelling is the Nvidia Ion graphics solution with Optimus technology suitable for both normal users and even business professionals.

The new machine, believed to be with 12-inch display panel, which is slightly larger than normal netbook will be powered by ‘Pine Trail’ based architecture with dual-core processor with each of them running at 1.5GHz. While this is more than sufficient to handle normal office applications, most graphics intensive tasks will be offloaded and handled by internal Intel GMA 3150 graphics core with an optional backup discrete graphics processing capability by a more advanced discrete NVIDIA G218 graphics, thanks to its Optimus technology optimized for both power saving and more powerful discrete graphics solution with 16-core processing algorithm whenever it is needed.

No actual date of availability yet, the machine is expected to reach consumer market by July time frame and at a retail price of around $500-600, it is a bit pricey if compared to other competitors’ netbook products and you may able to get an actual notebook with a little more spending if budget is not a real concern.