ASUS, the leading company in the new digital era has launched its Ultra Slim Bamboo Series Notebook that truly innovative and has fresh ideas from its conception, production, eventually recycling and disposal. The Ultra Slim Bamboo is currently available in two models which are 12.1″  and 11.1″ with weight 1.57 Kg and 1.25 Kg respectively. Both of the models are using Intel Core 2 Duo processors and fitted with DDRII RAM of up to 4GB. Others specification included support of Windows Vista series, 8 in 1 card reader, DVD Super Multi Double Layer and 0.3 mega pixel web camera. 

To be the environmental friendly, the notebook uses Super Hybrid Engine that can extended the battery life between about 35% to 70% as compared to the notebook which having the same specification without Super Hybrid Engine. Beside that the notebook also able to boost up the performance by about 23%. Each notebook is unique as bamboo has own natural patterning that is brought out beautifully by ASUS manufacturing.