AsusTek is famous for its Eee series that being a very success story in the new nettop market. While all of its current Eee PC series are still based on X86 architecture, there is a plan to consider using the Qualcomm powerful Snapdragon for its next generation Eee PCs. Snapdragon is a mobile processor that is based on ARM Cortex instruction set and with its extremely low TDP (Thermal Design Power) in miliwatt range, it is best suitable to be used in mobile computing when low power consumption and long life battery are desired.


Besides low power consumption, it has great advantage around the integration of multiple powerful wireless technologies such as GPS (Global Positioning System) module, 3G mobile network into a single core, making it a fully standalone SOC (System on Chip) suitable for small form factor and powerful netbook. On top of these, it also features a HD (High Definition) hardware decode functionality which is crucial for media playback with enhanced visual experience for mobile web browsing.

Despite the possibility, there is no concrete plan by when AsusTek plans to migrate new design and likelihood for the Taiwanese company to stick back to Intel Atom X86 architecture is still high in view of the easy OS (Operating System) compatibility and rich eco-partners support for faster enabling activities.