If you are one of the AT&T subscribers with 2G capable mobile devices and consistently experienced poor signal strength in certain area that used to have full coverage, you may be interested with the report released from OFB, one of the online news publication recently. According to its Chief Editor, Timothy Butler, with the continuous high demand of 3G network, AT&T is said to have sacrifice some of its existing 2G transmitter stations, giving way to an upgraded 3G network transmitters with the aim to improve 3G reception in certain area.

The situation is understandable due to the highest demand of 3G network cpverage with limited transmitters infrastructure especially when the service provider tried to prepare for the Apple’s famous 3G iPhone official launching in few months back. However, current 2G mobile devices such as first generation Apple’s iPhone, RIM’s Blackberry that are relied solely on 850MHz frequency band will suffer severe signal degradation after the station being upgraded to 3G network that operates at 1900MHz with lower transmission power. The scenario has been confirmed by AT&T technical personnel when such complaints were received and surprisingly, those consumers were advised to switch to 3G capable mobile devices in order to get rid of these signal instability issues.

The move is supposed to be great news for those users that plan to upgrade to 3G mobile devices. However, instead of trying to sacrifice current Quality of services, with almost half of AT&T subscribers still stuck with 2G mobile devices, the network service provider should consider adding more base stations to fulfill the increasing demand of 3G users despite the current economic situation. Hopefully AT&T will able to ensure a smooth transition when there is a plan to switch from 3G to even more advanced 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) in short future.