If you are a frequent user of YouTube website and would like to play media clips repeatedly, you may realize the inconvenience of the need to manually replay them once the playback is finished. Now with the new add-on targeted for Firefox Web browser, users no longer need to repeat these steps and yet able to make the media clips fully re-playable at any selected portion of the clips.

Similar to other add-ons, users just need to download it here and followed by web browser restart for it to be effective. Not to worry about the opened tabs, it will resume like usual and whenever users visit YouTube website again, there will be an option appeared at the top right corner of the website that allows users to tick if to enable/disable auto playback based on own preference. Furthermore, it allows auto playback at certain portion of the media clips in case users want to show only a particular section of a long media clip.

No doubt, those who prefer to use Mozilla Firefox as the default web browser will be able to enjoy such a great option whenever there is a need to auto-playback the media clips. And this is especially useful for those that would like to showcase a stage presentation with YouTube’s clips so that they can be played repeatedly without users’ intervention.