Internet speed is of prime concern especially if you run an online business or depend on the Internet to monitor your business. A freeware from Windows, Auto Speed Tester, can run Internet speed tests on a regular basis to keep you updated.

Auto Speed Tester is a tiny and simple application that can help user to carry out internet speed tests in the background. Users can use this tiny application to test their download and upload speed, packet loss, jitter, etc. This program will generate a CSV log file for all test data and present the outcome with graphs.

This program features a simple interface. First time users need to do some configuration before using. Users need to go to the main page, click on to the Config’s button to start configuration. Users can configure the download test files in the download tab. Users can choose the suitable speed test files ranging from 1MB to 1GB under the Main Test File URL pulldown menu.

Under the PINg/PKT/Jitter/IP tab, users can modify the commands in the test server. Users can change the test interval from the standard sixty minutes or disable certain tests. Summaries of previous Internet speed tests as well as the best times and speeds are also displayed for users’ reference. The ability to run tests at regular intervals and customize the tests makes this freeware highly useful. It can also run tests in the background without using up much of the system’s resources.

Download the latest Auto Speed Tester: JDast_installer.exe.

Auto Speed Tester is compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit client and server editions for all Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.