Occasionally you may want to have an automate way of clicking a button repeatedly without going through the hassle of manually clicking on it. Now with this simple software utility named as Autoclicker, users can selectively click on certain button on any websites at a predefined interval, freeing up themselves from this boring and non-value added task for other more important work.


Once download and without the need of installation, just execute the tiny software utility and it will bring users to a simple GUI. Users can define the click intervals (can be in second or as short as 1/10 seconds), click on ‘START’ button will execute the program with continuous clicks on desired button with a mouse cursor on it by selecting ‘Click Whenever The Mouse is’. Besides pressing on the ‘START/STOP’ buttons to activate the program, users can choose to use Hotkey combinations to activate this function for easier control.

To make it a fully automatic solution, users can creatively combine this with Silent Screen so that all the refresh screen after the automated button clicks can be captured and saved for reference at later stage. This is especially useful whenever you want to search for the cheapest airfare during a promotion period. If you think this is useful, just download it here for free trial. Take note that the free trial copy will limit repetitive test of up to 50 cycles only. If users need more than that, go to valissoft.com to order at $5 only.