You probably like to sing along while listening to your favorite music. If you don’t mind sacrificing a little space on your monitor, you can get this free application, AutoLyrix, to show you the lyrics for the song you are listening to and sing along with it. Music lovers and idol wannabes surely will like this interesting program. AutoLyrix will automatically detect the song you are playing and download the song’s lyrics and the relevant album-art from the web for you. You can read the lyrics and sing along while listening.

AutoLyrix is an open source and free application. It supports Windows, MAC and also Linux. This app works well with various media players on their respective platforms. It can detect music/song from Winamp, iTunes, Windows Media Player, XMPlay, MediaMonkey, XMMS, foobar 2000, RealPlayer, Apollo, Quintessential etc. AutoLyrix also supports online radios such as LastFM, Screamer Radio, Yahoo Music Jukebox and so on. You can also enjoy the same convenience while listening to internet radio.


Besides album art and lyrics, there are also other useful features from this application. Users can choose to change the transparency of the album art, translate the lyrics and export the translated copy to other media players, export lyrics to other players and so on. Developers who are keen to improve or add in more interesting features can also join the party by downloading the source code since it is open-source.

Direct Download Link for AutoLyrix 0.5.1:
Windows Version
Linux & Mac