Some users like to use the Windows Scheduled Task to schedule any script, program or document to run or execute at specified times. This useful feature will do the scheduled task automatically in the background every time users run their computer. It saves users time and it can get the task done without any trouble to users. Having said that, if for some reason Windows Scheduled Task is not your preferred choice, due to its limitations or inflexibility, you can try a pretty similar Windows application, Ka Firetask, which offers similar features but more useful functions and a simpler interface.

Ka Firetask is a free alternative to Windows Scheduled Task. It is an automated task scheduler designed to run Windows program, copy files and folders, display message dialogs, place predefined text snippets to currently active window, modify clipboard contents and run so called DNM Scripts. The tasks can be triggered via hotkey, or on a regular schedule. Besides, Firetask also allows users to export and share their tasks with others. Windows users who would like to try Ka Firetask can download this free application via the link here (5MB). The current release for Windows users is free.