Nowadays, a lot of people has performed the files backup process frequently, with method which either manually or automatically. The backup is important as it’s the only mean to restore back the important files especially when systems corrupted or infected by virus. Fbackup is a backup software that suitable for personal or commercial use. Fbackup features with two option of backup either manually or automatically. The users can set the scheduled for automatically backup the files. It’s able to backup to any location like USB device, local or network location. The back up files can be either compressed or an exact copy of the original files.

Fbackup has a simple interface that using a friendly wizard which able to guide the user through the process of defining a backup job.

  1. Where do you want to store the backup (the destination).
  2. What do you want to backup (the sources).
  3. How do you want to run the backup (using full backup that zip the files or mirror backup without zip the files).
  4. When do you want to run the backup (set schedule to run automatically or run it manually).  

The key features of Fbackup as below:

  • Automated back up using the scheduling option.
  • Backup with standard zip compression.
  • Get exact copies of files.
  • Run specific actions before/after backup.
  • Easy to use with updates.
  • Select multiple destinations.
  • Free to download.