Usually when one download a file from the Internet, web browser such as Firefox will prompt for location to save, or simply save to one default folder. It may take user some time to find or switch the folder to save and store the files. Automatic Save Folder is a Firefox add-on that able to automatically save the files to desired location based on the type or other filter sets which user defines during configuration. In the filter section, you can add any number of filters to the download. Automatic Save Folder has the option to filters as domain names, file extension type and regular expression to filter download.


Apart of that, you also can select a particular folder for downloads which are not listed in the filter. Automatic Save Folder is currently an experimental add-on, whereby you need to have an account to download, although it’s free.

The below is the some examples of setting the filter:

  1. Save all subtitle files to video folder – domain: all, and folder: your video folder.
  2. Save all the files from a particular website (let say to be saved in mydigitallife folder – domain:, filter: all and folder: your mydigitallife folder.
  3. Save all .exe files from mozilla in a folder only – domain:, filter:.exe and folder: your Mozilla Folder.
  4. Save all same filename in a folder only – domain: all, files:*heroes*.srt and folder: your heroes folder.

Download Automatic Save Folder from