Due to your busy schedule or various appointments outside, probably most of the time you couldn’t go back to the office to shut down and off your computer. To leave your computer running when you are away especially on a long weekend consumes additional electricity and resources. If that is the case, why not get an auto shutdown application to assist you? Auto Shutdown Genius has just released its latest version V2.2.8 recently. With Auto Shutdown Genius, users can schedule the application to control their pc either automatically shutdown, power off, log off, lock workstation, hibernate, standby or screen save their computers at scheduled dates and times, when the computer is idle or during excessive CPU usage.

This auto shutdown application designed for Windows OS such as Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 Server and Vista allows users to shutdown pc or execute the above mentioned tasks on their own schedule: on a daily basis, weekly basis, only once or even based on the computer’s idle and CPU usage. Before shutting down, the application will also help the users to clean up temporary files, empty the recycle bin, clear the Internet Explorer cache/Cookies/History, clean the recent document list, etc to improve the system performance and protect users’ privacy.

Auto Shutdown Genius also provides a useful service to allow users to start up the computer without having to login in to it and it also won’t die after the user logs off. This Windows service feature is very useful and powerful especially for the server manager and network administrator. Auto Shutdown Genious is not a freeware. However, users can give it a try via the download link here.

Note: The program needs to be run as administrator. Users need to login as administrator user first and install it if users work on the Vista Platform.