The AutoPlay (or AutoRun) feature in Windows has been one of the function that always interfered by or conflicted with third-party programs. Many users have experience of AutoPlay no response with dialog box not working and not displaying issue.

Another issue with AutoPlay is that when user inserts an USB flash drive, external mass storage device such as hard disk, Android or iPhone, or memory card such as SD card and memory stick into card reader, the AutoPlay dialog window will automatically open and pop up, but only briefly, and then immediately close and exit itself without doing anything else.

To make matter worse, all solutions to make AutoPlay works properly again does not help to solve the issue. In fact, AutoPlay does work to show the AutoPlay dialog window when a storage device is connected via USB or FireWire, just that for some reasons, the AutoPlay gets automatically closed down.

The culprit that causes the issue is known to be driver and utility software by Motorola for its smartphone, such as Motorola RAZR, Motorola Droid, Motorola Milestone and etc.

Thus, in order to solve the AutoPlay gets closed without permission automatically issue, just go to Control Panel -> Add and Remove Programs or Programs and Features, and then uninstall or remove Motorola-related driver software or software applications for mobile phone. The software that is known that may cause the issue including:

Motorola Media Link
MotoHelper (with or without Driver)