Some applications and software programs does not contain feature to automatically save the files that users are working on, nor has the ability to restore unsaved work in previous session. It means that if user don’t have a power backup in place during power lost, or crashes, accidental exit from program, or sudden computer shutdown, all open unsaved document or work will be closed and lost. However, if users are looking for an easier way to automatically save the changes after every specific interval in a file, users can try this tiny application, namely AutoSaver.

AutoSaver is a utility tool for Windows system. This handy and portable tool will automatically keep saving the changes made to the files which are opened or unsaved, without any manual intervention. Users do not need to install this application but .NET Framework 3.5 is required for Windows XP.

AutoSaves works on all applications that supports the hotkey Ctrl + S to save the working files. Users just need to run AutoSaver and set the time interval (10 sec, 1Min……10Min) for auto save the work.

Download AutoSaves in ZIP or EXE format.