vue_cameraYou might intend to install a home monitoring system at your house, shop or factory but the ideal places to put the camera identified by you have too many restrictions, e.g. lack of power supply, difficulty to fix at certain angles, etc. The wireless sensor network solution provider, Avaak, has come up with the Vue Web cam system, a wireless video monitoring system aimed at ordinary consumers in the Demo 09 conference.

The dome-shaped Vue camera of the whole Vue Web cam system is small, light and most importantly, it is battery-powered and wireless. Users do not need to scratch their heads to do the wiring or find power supply. The built-in battery (a standard lithium CR123 cell) allows users to take up to 1 million images or 10 minutes of video a day for a year. Due to its tiny size and lack of cables, the Vue camera can be easily taped or screwed onto a wall, ceiling, etc. The curved magnetic base also allows you to stick the camera securely to the domed mount.

Simple Installation

The Vue Web Cam System is web-based controlled. Users can configure the whole system and view live or recorded videos online. Users can upload the videos or photos to online photo and video sharing sites.

This Vue Web Cam system will be sold at $299 for the wireless gateway, two cameras and four stick-on magnetic camera mounts. Additional cameras will cost $50 each. This small and wireless video system can be useful for users who need a simple monitoring system that can be virtually controlled anywhere. However, since there is no motion sensor available in the system, the tiny camera cannot detect motion and alert users when somebody enters the area being monitored.

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