AVG Resident Shield is the main security process of AVG Anti-Virus (including Free edition) and AVG Internet Security that scans files as they’re copied, opened or saved, prevents infected files’ execution and provides viral protection for the computer’s system areas. However, occasionally, the Resident Shield component may show the status of Disabled, Inactive, Not Loader or Not Working as shown in AVG User Interface or Control Center, and the system is not protected.

When Resident Shield is not active, the Windows Security Center will prompt a warning message with red icon in the notification area or system tray about the security protection status of virus protection and/or spyware and other malware protection (if user disable Windows Defender or switch to AVG for anti-spyware protection) in the system.

When the issue happens, the problem is that AVG user has no way to start and turn the Resident Shield active because inside the Resident Shield settings, the Resident Shield has already been configured to be active and enabled. The symptom may include sudden deactivation or disabling of Resident Shield to not active status even though it’s active and running for a short while.

The AVG Resident Shield normally happens right after installation, or after a program update. The resolution to fix and re-enable the Resident Shield to Active status is simple though. To resolve the issue, just to go Tools -> Advanced settings, and then click on Resident Shield in the tree menu. By default, the check box for Enable Resident Shield is ticked (enabled as active). Uncheck and unselect the Enable Resident Shield option, click Apply to temporarily unactivate the Resident Shield, and then tick the Enable Resident Shield check box again to enable it. Click Apply to make change effective, and the Resident Shield should work properly.

Note: AVG 8 users can just double click on Resident Shield icon on AVG User Interface, and uncheck and check again the Resident Shield active checkbox.

If the above solution does not solve the Resident Shield gets disabled problem, simply restart the computer may fix and resolve the issue.

The last alternative, is of course to uninstall the AVG program and reinstall it by downloading latest version of setup installer from AVG website.