Looking for a backup solution to protect your photo, video, music or other important data files from being deleted due to corrupted hard discs, virus attacks, accidents, carelessness or other reasons? Good news for readers: the award-winning backup application, NTI Shadow 3, is now offering a free download to all users. The full version of NTI Shadow which costs around $29.99 is available for users to download from its website. This mega offer from NewTech Infosystem is only valid for one week, commencing from 2 June till 8 June.

NTI Shadow 3 is an easy-to-use backup tool for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Apple Macintosh users. The program was designed to make the data backup and restoration process simple and easy. Users could just easily drag or drop their files/folders from one place to another. NTI Shadow 3 also offers real-time data backup. Users can set up the backup tool to monitor their system and continuously check files for changes. The application will save the files or folders every time they change. Users also can customize and schedule a specific backup time for the application to do the backup if users do not prefer real-time backup. Get a full version of NTI Shadow 3 now before the offer expires.