Here’s a good news is definitely ready for Second Life fans! The research team at Biomedical Engineering Lab from Keio University in Japan has developed a new BCI (brain-computer interface) system, allowing the Second Life avatar to mentally control the simple movements.

To walk an avatar through the streets of Second Life, you have to wear an electrode-equipped headpiece that able to monitor activity in three areas of the motor cortex (the region of the brain involved in controlling the movement of the arms and legs), then simply thinks about moving parts and direction for an EEG machine to record the thought-moving datas, and relays it to the BCI running a brain wave analysis algorithm that interprets the imagined movements.

The research team will keep on develop the BCI system to enhance the features and ability in this online virtual world. Anyway, I believe that most of us will rather hope to enjoy this awesome and amazing mental control technology in our “Real and True” life.

Take a look on a video clip below which shows Brain-Computer Interface System to mentally control Second Life avatars!