Azada is an award-winning adventure-puzzle casual game developed by Big Fish Studios Europe, who also develop popular games such as Mystic Inn, and distributed by Big Fish Games. Azada was the winner as Puzzle Game of 2007, was a finalist in the Downloadable Game of the Year category, for the Interactive Achievement Awards 2008, and held the top sales spot on major online distribution channels.

In Azada, the main character is a hapless adventurer Titus, who has been trapped for years in a magical book, for a reason that is only revealed in the game later. Titus transports the player to his study with the help of magical powers he acquired while trapped to ask for gamer’s help to get free. To release Titus from the book, player has to solve the ancient puzzles of Azada. With more series of puzzles cracked, the miss pages of the enchanted book can be filed to free Titus from the prison.


Features of Azada:

  • Loads of unique puzzles to solve.
  • Boss Puzzles and surprises along the way.
  • Innovative mechanic such as mastermind and simon.

Azada listed price for its full version game is $6.99. While not really expensive, but nothing beats free. Big Fish Games is giving away free full version game of Azada, unlocked, unrestricted and no ads. To grab and download the free Azada, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit the following Azada game page:

    Azada for Windows (aff)
    Azada for Mac (aff)

  2. Click on Buy Now button.
  3. For Azada for Windows, enter the following coupon code:


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    Click on Apply Code button.

  4. A discount equals to game price will be applied and reduced the price to 0 (zero). Click on Continue button to complete the checkout process. User is required to login or sign up for a Big Fish Games account.

The Azada game is available for immediate download after registering.