First time parents are naturally more anxious and worried about their baby as they do not have the experience of having brought up a child previously. It is particularly worrying when a child gets sick as a fever, for instance, could lead to brain damage if not detected and the temperature brought down. The indispensable household thermometer aside, Chris Ebejer has come up with a line of baby clothing that changes color according to a baby’s body temperature. This should reassure parents who want to keep a watchful eye on the feverish baby but fear that they may not do enough due to exhaustion or lapse of attention.

Babyglow clothing comes in blue, pink, and pastel green colors. The original color will turn white whenever the baby’s temperature rises past 37 degrees Celsius. Ebejer spent £700,000 to research and develop the revolutionary pigments which have been embedded into the fabric of Babyglow. Though Ebejer claims that the clothing could save lives, first time parents should consider it as an additional or supplementary tool in monitoring their child’s temperature rather than the main device.