Data is our valuable asset but you can loss them easily if there are any disaster strikes. For instance, hard drive crash or virus attack could result in the loss of data. Therefore, making a backup copy of your important data is very important so that you can restore them easily if needed. If you are looking for a simple backup tool for personal usage, CopyChangedFiles probably is a good solution for you.


CopyChangedFiles is a free utility that allows you to only backup files that have been modified from one directory to another. It is pretty simple and easy to use and users only need to select a source directory to backup from, a destination directory to backup to and then define a changed date which you want to copy files on or after the date. If you only want to backup specific file type, you can list down the file type you want to backup instead of backup everything from the source directory. On top of this, by choosing append date to directory, the destination folder will be created and named with current date format and this feature is quite useful if you would like to keep track on all versions of files that you have backup. CopyChangedFiles not only backup files from the source directory, instead files in sub directories will be backup as well and the directory structure will be maintained.

CopyChangedFiles is absolutely free to download and it is an executable file that doesn’t require any installation. The only pre-requisite to run this program is you must have Microsoft.NET framework 2.0 or later installed at your computer. If you think this is useful, just download it at here.