Frequent travelers rely heavily on their Windows mobile based pocket devices to access and retrieve information wherever they go. Data loss or damage can cause considerable suffering and inconvenience. The free PIM Backup application is a tenable solution to create backup copies of your important personal information such as contacts, messages, speed dials, tasks, appointments, etc.

PIM Backup has released its latest version 2.8 recently and it can be downloaded for free. PIM Backup can run manually or follow a customized schedule. This backup utility is not dependent on the pocket device, the version of Windows Mobile or the default language in the device. The backup process is easy to operate while the data restoration is fast and efficient. The PIM Backup tool is available free for Windows Mobile 6/5/2003SE. Users can download the application via the direct link here:
PIM backup v2.8 for WM5 & WM6
PIM backup v2.8 for WM2003SE