Registry is one of the critical components in Windows and any corruption to it can cause Windows fail to boot up. That’s why backing up registry on periodic basic is important so that you can restore it at any time when there is any issue caused by registry related error. With Regbak, you can now backup your Windows system registry easier and faster, and then you can restore in simple steps when necessary.


RegBak is freeware and tiny utility that is able to create backups of windows registry files to a location of your preference. Besides backup, it also allows you to restore these registry backup files at anytime if needed. To backup registry file, just execute regbak.exe, By default, it will suggest registry backup files kept under a folder named by using today date at %SystemRoot%\Regbak path where %SystemRoot% is Windows installation folder. If you would like to change to other paths, just click Browse button to change to your preferred path. After that, you need to select registry hives to backup like System, Current User and other available hives (System and Current User will be selected by default), then click Next and it will prompt you to create a new folder if it is not exist, just click Yes to create the new folder and click Start button at the next screen to start the backup process. There are two methods you can choose to restore registry file, start Regbak by running regbak.exe, then click “View Backups” link at bottom, or you can go to Regbak backup folder which is typically under backup location at %SystemRoot%\Regbak, then look at the subfolder(s) which are named by using date of when they are created. Go in to a backup folder that you wish to restore, then run REGRES.EXE and it will guide the whole process to restore registry files. Another great feature that worth to be highlighted here is the registry backup files created by Regbak is supported by Windows Recovery Console, meaning that you can restore registry from Windows Recovery Console when Windows fail to boot up. Please refer to the user guide for more details of how to restore registry from backup.

Regbak 1.0 is absolutely free to download and it is compatible to run on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/2003 for both 32 and 64-bit. If you think it is useful, just go to download it at here.