You might think you are too old to own a Barbie Doll or bring your Barbie doll around. Well, why not try to opt for a Barbie MP3 Player instead? Mattel has introduced this new line of Barbie MP3 players lately. These MP3 players come with their own accessories and link up to Barbie Girls online community.

Barbie MP3 players measures 114mm and allow you to store your favourite music up to 512MB. It has an expandable miniSD slot that allows you to add in up to 2 GB storage capacities of new songs. This player supports Microsoft’s Windows Media Audio and MP3 formats. However, Barbie MP3 player does not have other functions such as FM tuner or voice recorder.

This Barbie MP3 player allows user to hook up to an online virtual community, It is a virtual world that allows girls to create virtual avatars, design their own rooms, shop at the mall, watch videos, play games and chat with other girls. Mattel said the site includes safety features like chat room filters, user blocking, and human moderators.

The Barbie MP3 Players

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