Investors need to be extra careful in this period of global financial turmoil. This also applies to net users. Microsoft safety expert, Tim Cranton, warns internet users to be more cautious with the email received especially in this moment of financial crisis . Internet fraudsters will take the opportunity to send out more spam and fraudulent email claiming to offer cash-strapped consumers new mortgages, loans or money from failed banks, etc. They would probably ask consumers to pay some fees or costs claim that this is associated with the refinancing.

When crisis happen, more and more people especially those who have financial difficulties will fall more easily into traps and become victims of scam. In their desperate or vulnerable situation, this is not surprising. Hence, those internet fraudsters or online criminals find it easier to tackle unsuspecting net users by promising them easy money to try to cheat them. Common scams include requests to help move money out of a developing country. People are offered a cut of the fortune if they first pay a release fee.

Be more cautious especially in this difficult time. Check out Microsoft’s advice on security measures to protect yourself online.