Awed and dazzled by Beijing 2008 Olympics Games (XXIX Olympiad) Opening Ceremony held in the Bird’s Nest (Beijing National Stadium)? The most recent Olympiad Opening Ceremony presented by China is considered a spectacular masterpiece and best ever opening ceremony of an international sporting event.

You may hold a different opinion though. But if you are among millions of people around the world who enjoys the pageantry of the opening show – the futuristic technology used, aesthetic brilliance, cultural significance, awesome fireworks and pyrotechnic display, and also tons of beautiful girls comparable to queens in beauty pageant, here’s a few download links of torrents to various copies and versions of complete HD video recording of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony as recorded from cable, satellite, web streaming or national TV networks in various countries across the world. Most of the video is in HDTV (HD or High Definition for better details) as broadcast by broadcasters around the world on August 8, 2008.

NBC (USA): Beijing.Olympics.2008.Opening.Ceremony.720p.HDTV.x264-ORENJi.4335972.TPB.torrent
Channel 7 (Australia): Beijing.Olympics.2008-Opening.Ceremony.HDTV.XViD-PiX.4337034.TPB.torrent
BBC Sports (UK): The_Olympic_Games_2008_Opening_Ceremony_WS_PDTV_Xvid.4335076.TPB.torrent
BBC Sports (United Kingdom): Olympic_Games_Opening_Ceremony_[2008].4334953.TPB.torrent (excluding Parade of Nations – Athletes March In and Flame Lighting)
BBC Sports (England): Olympics-Torch_Lighting.4338269.TPB.torrent (Only Olympic Flame Torch Lighting)
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TVB-Jade HD (Hong Kong): Beijing.Olympics.2008-Olympic.Opening.Ceremony.FULLHD.1080i_TS-T.4335884.TPB.torrent (note: HD 1080i version MPEG2 50 fps costing over 40GB)
French FreeBox HD (France): Olympics_2008.Opening_Ceremony.hdtv_720p_x264.mkv.4338124.TPB.torrent
Bulgarian National Television (Bulgaria): Olympic.Games.Beijing.2008.Opening.Ceremony.SDTV.XviD-DargeN.4335036.TPB.torrent