If you enjoy web surfing and like to share those interesting contents with friends, you may want to try this software application. Known as PDF Download 2.0, it is a newly beta release version replacing PDF Download 1.0 as a useful tool to convert webpage content to PDF file. The software drop is compatible with all Mozilla web browsers such as Flock 1.x and Firefox 2 and 3.

Ther are many reasons why you need this software utility. First and most importantly, you will be able to convert any interesting webpage to PDF format file so that you can archive it for future reference. As you know that pdf format file is well known for its compact size and stability, you will be able to attach to email and share to any one through email without jamming up the email server. Besides, it also can convert any PDF files on the web to HTML format with simple button clicks. Once download and install the PDF Download 2.0, a tiny toolbar button will be appeared on your Firefox web browser where you can just click on it to do the pdf conversion. You will be impressed with its conversion result that keeps all the imagess, page layout and active hyperlinks as what appeared originally on the webpage.

The early version of PDF Download 2.0 is currently restricted to only 10,000 beta testers for trial use. If you are interested to be part of the early testers, just sign up at PDF Download 2.0 by providing your email address and you will receive an invitation for further download instruction. Remember, you are encouraged to submit feedback on all the bugs or issues encountered so that the developer can improve and release a more stable version in short future.