As many probably known, as one of the main pillar and a popular social networking section of the Internet, online chatrooms have developed into a global phenomenon with some folks also engaged in chatroom flirting. A Russian website, has designed an innovative software which able to simulate online chatroom flirtation and establishing up to 10 relationships in only 30 minutes.

“It’s finally here – a program to tempt girls over the internet!” According to the site. “Within half an hour the CyberLover program will introduce you to … girls, exchange photos and perhaps even a contact phone number.”

The Australian suppliers of computer security products, PC Tools has warned that the software can allow an identity fraudsters to infiltrate online dating chat rooms and patiently seduce its victims.

“Internet users today are generally aware of the dangers of opening suspicious attachments and visiting unusual URLs, but CyberLover employs a new technique that is unheard of — and that’s what makes it particularly dangerous,” said Sergei Shevchenko, senior malware analyst at PC Tools.

“As a tool that can be used by hackers to conduct identity fraud, CyberLover demonstrates an unprecedented level of social engineering,” added by Sergei. “It employs highly intelligent and customized dialogue to target users of social networking systems.”

However, the CyberLover site denied that its software was intended for identity fraud.

Clarify by, “The program can find no more information than the user is prepared to provide, it maintains a dialogue with a person, but is not engaged in hacking or any other such schemes, I think this should be obvious.”

“If you have someone who is ready to hand over secret information to the person they are chatting to after having known them for all of five minutes, then in that case a leak of information is possible.” added by the site.

The new and innovative CyberLover software is being used in Russian web sites and expected will be ready for a worldwide campaign on February 15, 2008, the day after Valentine’s Day. Well, hopefully the program will remain just a auto chatter software instead of what been feared.