The recent hot sex scandal photo issue which involved Hong Kong actor, Edison Chen Kwoon-Hei and numerous actresses such as Gillian Chung, Cecilia Cheung, Mandy Chen, Bobo Chan, Vincy Yeung, Maggie Q, etc has dominated news headlines in Asia Pacific especially in Hong Kong and China. It has also created a strong wave amongst net users to browse through the net to find the intimate photos taken by Edison Chen when he was having sexual action with his sexual partners. If you are amongst those who are seeking for these racy and porno photographs, you have to be more careful as there are viruses attached to some of the websites which show Edison Chen’s photo scandals. A friend’s computer was infected by a new rogue anti-spyware, Trojan.Win32.Obfuscated.gx when he accessed one of these websites. It seems the virus mongers are taking advantage of the huge publicity generated by the photos as well.

Trojan.Win32.Obfuscated.gx is a form of fake malicious software engineered by Internet hackers. It is a variant of Trojan.Win32 or Trojan.Win32.agent.akk. It will attack your browser particularly. When your computer is infected, you will get a message like “Your browser was infected by trojan.win32.obfuscated.gx” on your screen. If your computer is accidentally infected by this spyware, you can try the removal process recommended by Pchubs. We have tried the free tool, SmithfraudFix, to remove Trojan.Win32.Obfuscated.gx and it worked. To use this removal tool, you can follow the following steps:

1. Download SmithfraudFix tool and save it to your desktop.

2. Restart your computer and press F8 to boot it into Safe Mode.

3. Double-click on the SmithfraudFix.exe icon then follow the screen instructions. Option #2 should be selected in this case.

4. When you are prompted with “Do you want to clean the registry?”, simply answer “Y”.

5. Reboot and done.

If you choose to remove this spyware manually, you can refer the removal procedure here.

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