Ever dream of turning your clock into pretty, hot and sexy Japanese girls? Wouldn’t it be great if every time you need to know the time, different sexy Japanese girls will indicate to you the exact time with sweaty and sweet smiling faces? A Tokyo designer company has lately launched a new site called Bijin Tokei. This interesting site will tell you the current time but in a unique presentation method. Users will see a pretty and hot Japanese chick holding up a time card that tells you the time. The time and the girl are updated every minute. Hence, users will see different girls every minute or 1,440 different beautiful girls a day. Talk about a slave to time… many hot-blooded males will probably be checking the time every minute.


The word “Bijin” means pretty woman whereas “Tokei” means clock in Japanese language. The time displayed on the time card is in digital format. The cute girls are mostly amateur fashion models and the photos are mainly taken at Shibuya and Harajuku. To inspire your day with the sight of young and pretty Japanese girls, users can embed this widget into their blog or website. At the same time, users can also download it via the link here for Windows Vista Gadget and iGoogle Gadgets. Bijin-Tokei for iPhone App has also been released for iPhone users to purchase.