Nowadays smartphones are so common that have become one of the must have important personal digital companion in consumer space. However, there are still security concern related to loss or stolen confidential data resided in the mobile device. If you are Android users, the recently announced BioLock apps with biometric recognition feature could be your great solution.

Being developed by Blue Planet Apps, the app is targeted for users that would like to try different and secure way with additional layer protection on top of normal keypad or screen locking mechanism. Besides having common pin lock service, BioLock adds two new features which utilize Iris scan and facial recognition for extra protection. As it is self explanatory, the former relies on eye to authenticate while the latter uses your face to unlock the phone. But in order to utilize this, the smartphone will need to be equipped with a front facing camera to capture users’ appearance. As you may wonder how accurate can that be and what is the minimum resolution specification of camera module (no information yet), but the apps is claimed to be able to distinguish false face (with someone holding a still image in front of the camera) and even normal facial changes accurately.

Currently private beta is scheduled within the next two weeks and will be moved to Android Market once the beta testing is finished. However, it will not be free but cost around $2.99 with 14-day trial period for public.