Motorola is used to famous for its clamshell design mobile phone and now is still the leading base station and two-ways radios in the industry. While you may think that it only concentrates on these core businesses, recently the US based company has unveiled a new intelligent flexible SIM wafer that intends to deliver new applications with enhanced capabilities on top of conventional SIM card solution. Named as iSIM, it comes with STK (SIM toolkit) support that allows any third party to build applications including the capability to let parents regulating their children mobile usage.

The parental control service which is developed by Bipper, a Scandinavian company is featured with a user-friendly web-based interface that can be used to monitor any mobile usage including their regular contacts’ persons, when they made calls as well as call barring on certain contact numbers from time to time. Even though there is always possible to try engaging service provider to provide such service at additional surcharge, but nothing is much simpler than this. By only adding a layer of protection on your conventional SIM card, parents will able to access and control and eventually only permit certain calls made/received from others. However, it does come with drawback whereby some kids may able to figure out the tricks and remove it intentionally.

Besides parental control function, the new iSim platform can be innovatively used as NFC (Near field communication), mobile commerce for banking, OTM (one time password) and many more with customizable STK support. The iSIM service will be launched in Bulgaria and Norway by this year first before available to other EMEA countries.