BitTorrent or BT (acronym) peer-to-peer (P2P) technology has been increasingly popular as a mean to distribute and release huge files, or extremely popular downloads over the Internet. With a tiny torrent file, downloaders can grab files of various size in lightning speed. One inconvenient point of BitTorrent file sharing system is that users will have download and install an external standalone dedicated desktop client in order to handle the .torrent file.

But not anymore, with BitLet, abbreviation for BitTorrent Applet. BitLet is a easy-to-use web browser-embedded BitTorrent program that enables the use of BT file sharing protocol inside any Java-enabled web browser without the need to install any desktop client.

To download the contents, data and files of a BT torrent with BitLet, just copy and paste the valid torrent metafile URL into the text box BitLet homepage, and then click on Download torrent button to initiate the downloading process. A dialog box will prompt user to select directory or folder to save the files if the torrent meta file is valid.


As with all BitTorrent clients, user’s computer will actively upload and download while the torrent is active and the BitLet window is opened. Which means user’s PC is still a peer in BT, but now the task is do by BitLet in web browser instead of opening another program.

For webmasters who want to distribute files using BitTorrent protocol, prefix and embed the torrent’s online URL using BitLet allows visitors to download the files without actually knowing how to use a BT client. To do that, webmasters have to find a tracker that directs the BitTorrent downloads and uploads of the files, host the .torrent file, and then display a link to the torrent’s online location with BitLet URL code prefix. To make it easier, BitLet provides a code generator to create the HTML for that link, or webmaster can host the torrent on some sites that already provide BitLet links, such as Fenopy and Suprnova.