GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers have gotten smaller and smaller in the recent years, and BlueSky Positioning looks set to have taken advantage of the trend to announce in SIMposium conference a technology which could really be a killer application: a complete GPS system embedded on a SIM card. In simply words, Blue Sky Positioning has developed a complete GPS system, including the antenna, which physically fits in a tiny mobile phone SIM slot, thus making possible each and every cellphone users to have a GPS on their hand too.


However, there is without obstacles. “We are only allowed (by the GSM SIM standard) to draw six milliamps, which was a challenge.” said Risto Savolainen, BlueSky Positioning CEO. In addition, Blue Sky Positioning is already working with SIM manufacturers to start production, we might see the GSMphone will come with built-in GPS in the future, a nice and fantastic feature to have on your mobile phone.