If you used to transfer images from one iOS device to another iOS device and is looking for more efficient way to do it, the recently released Bluetooth Photo & Camera Sharing app could be a good solution. Named as btShare, it can easily transfer photos or camera captured images wirelessly between two iPhones, iPads or iPod touches using Bluetooth technology.

As usual, just head over to App Store and tap on ‘Search’ follow by an input of keyword ‘Bluetooth Photo Share’ will list down all the related apps. Look for the one from mbpowertools, download it and you are ready to use. By now, you should able to see the icon on the Springboard. Follow below steps to configure both iOS devices for connectivity:

  1. Launch btShare and tap on “Connect” button on both devices.
  2. On the sending device, choose the device you would like to connect and on the other hand at receiving device, tap the “Allow” button to accept.
  3. From the sending device, tap on “Photo Share” and choose any photo from your album for sharing. Alternatively, choose “Camera share” and proceed to take a photo using your camera for photo sharing instantly.

While most of the Bluetooth Photo Share apps are paid apps, btShare is free for download at AppStore so do grab yourself a copy for a much efficient way of transferring images/photos between iOS devices.