It is always good to have all your favorite websites bookmarked so that you can quickly access to it whenever there is a need. However, some times you may not realize that you have duplicated the links that could potentially create confusion especially when you have too many bookmarks stored in your favorite folder. If this is true for you, now there is a useful Mozilla Firefox add-on named as BookmarkDD (Duplicate Detector) that allows you detect the duplications and eventually make decision to clean up the mess for more effective daily work.


Once download the add-on, you will need to restart the Firefox web browsers for it to be effective. After completion, a new drop down menu item with the name of BookmarkDD Options will appear under Tool menu that allows users to customize the settings. Without complicated setup needed, the add-on will automatically detect any duplicated bookmarks in the folders and let users delete it in simple way. Besides, it will scan through your bookmark lists and alert users on any new duplicate bookmarks before a similar bookmarks are going to be added.

The Firefox add-on is compatible with Firefox version 1.0 to 3.0.* and users can get a quick download at Mozilla for immediate use.

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