If you friends in Facebook networks are kind of active and addictive users in Facebook, you will be guaranteed of all kinds of quizzes, friendship requests, events, play game invitations, join application requests and group invitations been bombarded to your Facebook main News Feed home page and requests page. It’s kind of ‘legitimate’ spam especially when you’re not keen to respond to these quizzes, requests or invitations.

For users who want to automatically remove and hide all these quizzes, invitations or requests, Eddy Wong and CY Choi from Hong Kong have managed to develop a Facebook app in the form of bookmarklet to block and/or hide all quizzes, requests and invitations automatically.

The Facebook application is called One-Click Quiz Blocker. To use One-Click Quiz Blocker, Facebook users have to save the Facebook app’s bookmarklet as Favorite or Bookmark by right clicking on One-Click Quiz Blocker bookmarklet, and then click “Add to Favorites” (or “Bookmark this link”).

Then go to Facebook News Feed or Requests page, and click on the bookmark or favorite just created. Once activated, One-Click Quiz Blocker scans the current page for quizes, test applications (usually created by Facebook users), friend requests, events, group invitations, games and apps, and let you ignore, hide or block them with just one click.

One Click Facebook Quiz Blocker

To install One Click Quiz Blocker for Facebook, visit the following URL:


The app actually makes use of Facebook settings to get rid of any requests or quizzes or invitations and hidden from News Feed or Requests. Thus it’s possible to undo the blocking. For items applied with “Hide from news feed” option, unhide the items in the options of the News Feed (Edit Options located at the bottom). For blocking (“Block”), unblock them at Facebook Application Privacy Settings.