Similar to your physical body, to keep your brain active and alert, requires regular brain exercise. A little brain challenge without stress, pain and boredom can be quite entertaining while helping to keep your brain at its optimal performance Unblock Me Free is an interesting and challenging puzzle game for Apple iPhone users which offers amusing exercises for your brain especially when you are bored. The idea of the game is pretty simple – users’ ultimate goal is to move the red block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way within a closed up room.

The Unblock Me Free puzzle game offers 400 unique puzzles in Beginner pack which are categorized into two game modes: Relax Mode and Challenge Mode. While filling up users’ time when they have nothing to do, gamers also can sharpen their brain to think of ways to get the red block out. This free puzzle game requires iPhone 2.0 software and it can be downloaded from iTune store via the link here.