The leading company in security products, Brickhouse Security has introduced its new electronic device for increased car safety – Car Camera Voyager Pro w/ GPS Logger, which the company claims as the world’s only car camera with built-in GPS location logger recording both video and GPS location.

Highlights Of The Car Camera Voyager Pro w/ GPS Logger Include:

  • Automatic G-sensor records 10 seconds before and 30 Seconds after an event
  • Internal 3D event sensor to detect speed, breaking, acceleration, impact
  • Up to 30 IPS 1280×960, Mpeg4 320×240 (QVGA) or 640×480 (VGA)
  • Compatable with Google Earth so you can view all GPS location information
  • GPS location information logged for later reference onto a removable SD card
  • SD card recording w/ auto loading software for any PC
  • 1.3 mega pixel CMOS camera
  • Emergency record button enabling drivers to manually record video and GPS location

According to Brickhouse Security, “The Car Camera Voyager Pro w/ GPS Logger stores all information onto a removable SD card that you simply plug into your computer and playback video footage with GPS location, time, and date stamp. This device is perfect for insurance purposes, teenage drivers, police officers, professional drivers, and anyone who would like to increase their car security and monitor what really happened in the car.”

The new Brickhouse Security’s Car Camera Voyager Pro will be available starting July 23 for around $450.