There is always a trade off to have a high performance chips added into mobile device. Those power hungry processors will definitely drain out your mobile device battery faster enough before you can really enjoy the benefits . Now, Broadcom has a great solution with the upcoming communication processor in its roadmap. Named as BCM4329, it is a newly re-architected processor that can break technical barrier by able to add 802.11n capability into your mobile devices without significantly increase the power consumption.

The next generation processor will feature dual band support with 2.4GHz or 5GHz that make it compatible with most of the newly released 802.11n access point in the market. With an actual throughput of 50Mbps, users can use it to stream video, download music, transfer large files in shortest time possible as compared to limited bandwidth available in existing 802.11a/b/g wireless technology. Besides, it also enhanced with Bluetooth 2.1, FM tuner capability that make it one of the best hybrid module in the finest form factor. Best thing is, it is built with high power efficiency as the main objective so that it won’t consume too much of your limited battery life.

The company has already started sampling now for limited mobile devices manufacturers and is expected to get shipment out in full swing by 2009.